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We travel the world, you enjoy at home.

Le Coffee Guy is all about celebrating coffee's natural inconsistencies and embracing its nuances. Achieving a consistent taste as required by big brands is our bête noire.

We focus on giving full expression to the terroir and husbandry behind each and every farmer’s coffee, granting coffee lovers once-in-a-lifetime access to some of the world’s most delicate aromas and flavors.

Our coffee menu only consists of seasonal coffees available in limited editions and changes constantly. You get to discover new coffees all year round.

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Your Daily Routine. Improved.

Getting to know you...or rather, getting to know your coffee.

Snobish or fancy words that sound good but nobody understands are outlawed at Le Coffee Guy. Making our coffee interesting and its nuances easy to understand is half the fun!

Whether you choose beans or grounds, you get a deluxe booklet telling you, in the most appealing way, everything you need to know about the coffee, including a short origin story and our tasting notes.

If capsules are more your thing, don't worry! Our packaging has been designed to give you all the ins, outs and info you need.

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Delivered. When Needed.

The difference between morning bliss and a bitter mess.

Everyone knows that there is nothing worse than crawling out of bed only to find nary a wee coffee bean or measly ground in sight. Coffee is something everyone hates running out of (us included!). At Le Coffee Guy, an important part of our mission to make sure that it never happens.

We revamped our storefront to make you enjoy a faster, smoother and more intuitive ordering experience. We threw out a bunch of pull downs and other website standard conventions that were well past their expiration date.

With our easy-to-use interface, you can manage your coffee deliveries however and whenever you choose. No need to go through a labyrinthian path to get your dose of caffeine.

On top of all that: we ship our coffees daily - you order today, your coffee is shipped tomorrow - and delivered as quick as 48h. That way we know our customers never have to face that morning disaster.

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